Saskatchewan Roughriders
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Team Stats

Passing Statistics
Name G Passing Comp % Yds Yd/G Yd/A TDs Int Long
Darian Durant10138-22860.51792179.27.98559
Tino Sunseri1471-12158.791465.37.65366
Kerry Joseph338-7352.1535178.37.34540
Seth Doege513-2846.413827.64.90525
Weston Dressler80-

Rushing Statistics
Name G Att Yds Yd/G Avg Long TDs
Anthony Allen1215684970.85.4225
Will Ford98545250.25.3406
Jerome Messam117038234.75.5251
Darian Durant102117917.98.5171
Tino Sunseri1419966.95.1151
Hugh Charles1138628.76.6230
Keith Toston167272.012.0410
Seth Doege55265.25.2160
Kerry Joseph38227.32.890
Neal Hughes23178.55.770
Weston Dressler8281.04.050
Steven Miller11-3-3.0-3.000

Receiving Statistics
Name G Rec Yds Yd/G Avg Long TDs
Rob Bagg165173846.114.5422
Anthony Allen123624420.36.8203
Chris Getzlaf123556246.816.1571
Taj Smith122939733.113.7593
Weston Dressler82630838.511.8601
Brett Swain132436528.115.2373
Ryan Smith71315922.712.2390
Jerome Messam11813412.216.8360
Korey Williams3811839.314.8281
Will Ford97707.810.0181
Dan DePalma3616153.726.8661
Chaz Schilens343411.38.5120
Eron Riley245125.512.8150
Keith Toston1266.03.030
Scott McHenry42184.59.0100
Neal Hughes2142.04.040
Dan Clark2110.51.011
Spencer Moore2173.57.070
Corey Watman21-10-5.0-10.000
Alex Pierzchalski41123.012.0120

Scoring Statistics
Name G TDs Rush Rec Ret XPM XPA FGM FGA 1pt 2pt Pts
Chris Milo1700003232293940123
Anthony Allen12853000000150
Will Ford9761000000042
Weston Dressler8301200000324
Brett Swain13303000000018
Taj Smith12303000000018
Rob Bagg16202000000012
Darian Durant1011000000006
Terrell Maze1710010000006
Rod Williams1610010000006
Tristan Jackson1710010000006
Chris Getzlaf1210100000006
Brian Peters1710010000006
Tino Sunseri1411000000006
Dan DePalma310100000006
Dan Clark210100000006
Jerome Messam1111000000006
Korey Williams310100000006
David Lee1010010000006
Josh Bartel1200000000404

Punt Return Statistics
Name G Ret Yds Avg Long TDs
Tristan Jackson172830510.9630
Weston Dressler82733812.5782
Marshay Green10181297.2430
Ryan Smith71012112.1480
Ricky Foley16133.030

Kick Return Statistics
Name G Ret Yds Avg Long TDs
Tristan Jackson174695420.7590
Marshay Green10818623.3280
Steven Miller147218.0250
Ryan Smith725427.0280
Will Ford912828.0280
Weston Dressler811717.0170
Jerome Messam11199.090
David Lee10144.040

Kicking Statistics
Name G FGM FGA FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Long Avg Att Avg Made Avg Miss
Chris Milo17293974.48-82-310-119-130-148---

Punting Statistics
Name G Punts Yds Avg Single Long
Josh Bartel1297426043.9483
Chris Milo1743191244.5065

Interception Statistics
Name G Int Yds Avg TDs
Tristan Jackson174123.00
Mark LeGree1048721.80
Tyron Brackenridge1738026.70
Brian Peters172168.01
Terrell Maze1712828.01
Derek Walker13100.00
Rod Williams1612222.00
Marshay Green1011818.00
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