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UEFA's Ceferin tackles dangers in Europe, integrity attacks

NYON, Switzerland (AP) Entering rooms at UEFA headquarters, Aleksander Ceferin still finds it startling and unsettling when staff leap from their seats to greet him. The deference of the Michel Platini era is proving hard to shake off for the officials running European football.

"I don't pretend to be a king here," Ceferin says at the start of an interview with The Associated Press at the UEFA complex by the banks of Lake Geneva.

Whereas Platini was one of the greats of the game, winning titles as captain of France and Juventus before becoming a football politician, most of Ceferin's professional experience is in criminal law. As a relative novice to football administration, having led the Slovenian federation since only 2011, Ceferin won't be treated in awe like Platini.