Kimi questions strategy as Ferrari's winless run continues

SINGAPORE (AP) Kimi Raikkonen questioned Ferrari's race strategy after a fourth-place finish at the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday as the Italian team looks down the barrel of another winless season.

Raikkonen was running in third place when Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in fourth pitted for fresh tires with 16 laps to go. That put Ferrari in a dilemma. Should it bring the Finn into the pits the next lap, fit him with the same ultra-soft tires as Hamilton's and hope Raikkonen gets out of the pits still ahead? Or should it let Raikkonen stay out with a lead of around 30 seconds and hope Hamilton can't catch up?

As the team frantically weighed up the options, Raikkonen yelled over the radio, "Are we boxing (pitting) this lap?" only to get the reply from his engineer: "I'll let you know."


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1 N.Rosberg 273 8
2 L.Hamilton 265 6
3 D.Ricciardo 179 0
4 S.Vettel 153 0
5 K.Raikkonen 148 0
6 M.Verstappen 129 1
7 V.Bottas 70 0
8 S.Perez 66 0
9 N.Hulkenberg 46 0
10 F.Massa 41 0
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